Autumn is the biggest time in fashion. During the new year, everyone makes life changes. Right after summer, everyone changes up their wardrobe. I do it every year! It’s a time to reinvent yourself- this is when you transition. I put together a few looks for your Fall inspiration. I love these colors because I


Having a basic dress in your wardrobe is a must. I love form fitting dresses because you can dress them up or down so easily, and that is exactly what I did. Without any loose fabric in the way, it leaves room for trying on different styles for the day. You can tie something around


I went to a music festival last weekend, and although I had an amazing time, I don’t think I will ever do it again. Honestly! The idea of going to a music festival sounds perfect. Seeing your favorite bands, dancing, wearing a sweet outfit- it all sounds wonderful. But the reality (at least for me),


What’s happening? Oh, ya know… I just got my own WEBSITE. This is just the beginning. From here, my content will get better, I will post more frequently, and this website will even improve! I’m so excited to continue on this blogging journey, because I truly love it. Thank you for reading September and Friends,